Comfort Club Savings Program
New LIFETIME Guarantee!
As an active Comfort Club Savings Program Member, you will NEVER pay for the same repair twice! Our technicians are expertly trained and take great pride in doing the job right the first time. We have the utmost confidence in our technicians; they are masters of their trade, so we are equally confident in offering you:
  • A LIFETIME guarantee on repairs.
  • A LIFETIME guarantee on all associated parts.
  • A LIFETIME guarantee on all associated labor.
  • A fully transferable agreement.
This guarantee gives you the peace of mind that you deserve, and the confidence you need to trust Mattioni’s to care for all of your heating and cooling needs!
Guarantee is based on the repaired/replaced component—not the system. Your guarantee remains valid as long as there is no lapse in your contract. See Savings Club sign-up sheet for full details.
(For your convenience, the monthly payment plan option is recommended.)

Healthy Home Club
Extended Warranty Information
(Mattioni supplied and installed equipment)
New Installations of:StandardClub
Hot Water Heaters6 year P6 year P&L
Victory Sump Pumps5 year P5 year P&L
Kitchen/Bath Faucets1 year P&L2 year P&L
Wellmate Well Tanks5 year P5 year P&L
Shower Controls1 year P&L2 year P&L
Toilets1 year P&L2 year P&L
P = Parts; L = Labor

Join Healthy Home Club Join our Healthy Home Club and Comfort Club Savings Program to keep your home worry-free!

These programs are vital preventative maintenance initiatives for your home. The programs are designed to keep your systems operating safely and efficiently. Often, during a routine service inspection, the technician can identify a minor problem which could lead to an inconvenient and costly problem later.

All-Inclusive Membership Program

  • • Receive ALL of the benefits of the Healthy Home Club and the Comfort Club Savings Programs below with an additional 50% SAVINGS on the Healthy Home Club Membership!

Features of the Healthy Home Club for plumbing services are:

  • Plumbing Service Plan Benefits:
  • 1 in-home inspection
  • 16% Savings On All Parts, Labor, Repairs, & Flat Rate Tasks
  • Priority Service
  • Efficient, Safe, & Well-Maintained Plumbing System
  • Extended Warranties
  • Heating & Air Conditioning Benefits
  • Discounted Dispatch Fees
  • Discounted Overtime Fees
  • 15% Discount on Heating & Air Conditioning Tune Ups
  • Priority Service!

Features of the Comfort Club Savings Program

Heating & Air Conditioning Service Plan Benefits

  • Lifetime Warranty On All Repairs
  • 15% Savings On All Flat Rate Repairs
  • Longer Equipment Life
  • Lower Operating Costs (Studies have shown that annual tune ups provide you with energy savings of $30-60 per month!)
  • 2 Tune Ups (Thorough 40-point inspection and cleaning of your system.)
  • Critical Component Inspection
  • Discounted Dispatch Fees
  • Discounted Overtime Fees
  • Fewer Repairs—Get The Confidence Of Knowing You Have A Well-Maintained System
  • Safer System
  • Multi-System Discount
  • Extended Warranties
  • A LIFETIME guarantee on repairs.
  • A LIFETIME guarantee on all associated parts.
  • A LIFETIME guarantee on all associated labor
  • A fully transferable agreement