The Amana® brand - An American Tradition
As the innovative manufacturer behind the world’s first walk-in cooler and the Radarange® microwave oven, the Amana brand has long been an American institution. And the same commitment to quality and innovation behind Amana brand home appliances goes into Amana brand heating and air conditioning equipment. In fact, we design, engineer, and manufacture all Amana brand heating and cooling systems with the goal of becoming the standard-bearers for premium performance, long lasting reliability, and a great match for your specific indoor comfort needs.

Reliability and Performance You Can Trust
With the Amana® brand, reliable and long-lasting product performance is our top priority. We achieve that goal through superior craftsmanship and world-class manufacturing processes, which help ensure that Amana brand products are the best we can provide to you. To meet our high standards, our products go through our most rigorous quality assurance scrutiny.

Our Best Standard Warranty Protection
All Amana brand® air conditioners and heat pumps use the chlorinefree R-410A refrigerant. Our air conditioners and heat pumps feature our most comprehensive limited warranty coverage of any on the market. Our most efficient air conditioning and heat pump units offer Lifetime Limited Warranty* protection for the compressor to the original, registered*, single-family, homeowner of a properly matched system using these high-efficiency. Additionally, our most efficient furnace units offer a Lifetime Limited Warranty* protection on the heat exchanger to the original, registered*, single-family homeowner of a properly matched system. If the original owner should have a compressor failure or heat exchanger, we will replace the air failed unit with a comparable Amana brand product at no cost.




Mattioni is Chester County's elite installer of Heating and Air Conditioning equipment. We've teamed up with Amana - an established household name - to bring you the best in quality, efficiency and peace of mind for heating and cooling your home. Among the many reasons we have partnered with Amana, the foremost being their warranties - Amana with Mattioni are able to provide you the best warranties in the industry. We take warranties a step even further by offering LIFETIME unit replacements on furnaces, air conditioners and heat pumps.

Amana extends its warranties to Mattioni because of our commitment to superior customer service and our factory trained install ation specialists we have on staff. The extensive training our specialists receive ensures that the Amana equipment we install will last, while minimizing the possibility of interruptions to your comfort.

Mattioni takes our commitment to quality a step further by sending out a Quality Assurance Technician out after each installation to further guarantee you are getting the best installation in the industry.

Together, Amana and Mattioni Plumbing, Heating and Cooling offer the best in home heating and air conditioning solutions.

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