For our customers who may have limited use of their legs or are in a wheelchair, our team at Mattioni Plumbing would like to assure you that your bathroom safety and accessibility are of utmost importance to us. Below is a compilation of services and procedures that we recommend to make your bathroom more accessible.

· A 2’10” door opening is needed for a wheelchair. The installation of hinges will allow for a wider door.

· In the case of a small bathroom, we recommend the installation of a swing-out door so that there will be enough space in the bathroom for a wheelchair user to close the door upon entry.

· We recommend that doorknobs be replaced with lever handles.

· Consider installing an emergency alarm switch no higher than 18” above the floor. A telephone with an alarm button is equally efficient at serving the same purpose.

· If your floor is slippery, you should apply a slip resistant glaze on the surface.

· Good lighting in the bathroom is one of the most important considerations to avoid accidents. When it comes to lighting and ventilation, we advise for the installation of a motion sensing light switch.

· Install a no-threshold shower stall that will allow a person with limited mobility to wheel right into the shower without having to step over a threshold.

· Install internal grab bars into bathroom units.

· Use a slide bar shower head that will adjust easily to accommodate a seated or standing bather.

· For wheel chair users, make sure the stool height of the toilet is the same as the user’s wheelchair height.

· Consider the installation of toilet seats with integral sheltering arms that act as handles on each side of the seat.

· For the cabinet doors on the vanity, slide away door glides should be installed to allow the door to slide back inside the cabinet, allowing open knee space underneath.

· A minimum 29” high x 32” – 36" wide clear space should be provided under the sink for access.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mattioni Plumbing. Give us a call to schedule your bathroom remodelling and visit our website to check out our bathroom remodeling showroom.