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5 Signs of a Sewer Drain Clog

November 8, 2013

Below are several plumbing issues that could indicate a sewer line clog. If you notice any of the signs below in your home fixtures, it is very likely that your sewer drain line is on the verge of becoming – or is – clogged.

1) When your toilet takes too long to drain out (this is the first indication that there is a serious problem).

2) Upon flushing the toilet you hear gurgling noises and bubbles can be seen forming in the toilet.

3) When you flush your toilet, this causes sewer water to back up through another low-lying drain, like your basement drain or the shower drain.

4) When more than one plumbing fixture backs up water at the same time.

5) When your kitchen/bathroom sinks drain slowly, make gurgling noises and emit foul sewage odors.

Once you have verified a sewer drain clog, it needs to be cleared as quickly as possible, as they could eventually lead to a full water backup and flooding to occur. Whenever you see clogs or water accumulation where it should not be, call Mattioni Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Inc. immediately – this is not something that should be put off. 610-400-8510