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What can and can’t go down the drain

What can and can’t go down the drain

September 16, 2015

If you stop to think about it for a minute, drains are really amazing things. Not only do they seamlessly connect you to an extensive system of water drainage that crisscrosses your city for miles in every direction, but they also are able to do all of this without really giving you too much of a headache. So why is it that we all treat them so badly? Usually, it’s because we don’t know what can and can’t go down drain. Let’s look at some do’s and don’ts to help you take better care of this important home system.


Doesn’t matter if you cleaning up after a party from last night, or simply pouring out a beer in disgust, a lot of us tend to pour alcohol down our sink pipes at an alarmingly high rate. For the most part, it is OK. If the substance is at a concentration of less than 24%, then everything is fine and dandy. Only when the concentration is higher is it not allowed. Check the concentration of the substance and be sure to follow the rules.

Grease and Oil

We all love cooking with grease. Not only does it help to make cooking a whole easier, but it also tastes great. It probably isn’t that good for your body, though, and it certainly isn’t good for your drains. Most of us know that grease or oils are bad for the system, but many are not aware that if the concentration is below 500mg, then it is OK. Only when the concentration is higher than this should the excess grease or oil be disposed of in the normal trash. Do not put it down the pipe, or bad things are going to happen.

Egg shells and coffee grinds

We decided to put these two together since they so often go together at breakfast. We often get people asking if it is OK to put there leftover breakfast stuff down the sink. The answer is absolutely not ever. You might get away with it once, but chances are you won’t. These things are not good for the system, and can cause backups, overflows, and other sorts of nasty problems that will have us at your doorstep a lot more often than you want.

Our professionals are some of the best in the business. They are experienced, punctual, and some of the friendliest around. If you want to spend more time with them, then feel free to put bad things down your drains because they will be spending a lot of time at your home in the future if you do. If you want to have a healthy system, then remember what can and can’t go down the drain.