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How to Eliminate Sink Odor

December 1, 2014


Bathroom Sink
Is your bathroom sink emanating an unwanted and stubborn odor? This is an annoying problem, especially when company is coming over. No scented candles or air fresheners will solve the problem for you – in fact your bathroom will probably smell worse!

Most bathroom drain slowdowns and blockages start at the popup assembly, not at the trap or in the other drain lines. The culprits are the pivot rod and the stopper, which collect bits of hair and “stuff” over time. This mass grows large until it eventually slows down sink drainage or causes a full-blown blockage. Either remove the stopper or hire a professional to do the task. Clean out all of the mess on the stoppers and the metal rod. While holding a sponge over the hole where the pivot rod was removed, flush the drain with hot water.

The sink odor problem may also be caused by the drain and vent. The trap under the basin may not be holding enough water thus allowing sewer fumes into the room. Make sure that the trap holds water; it could be that the overflow on the basin needs cleaning. If possible, remove the trap and clean it well with vinegar, water and dish soap.

Regular cleaning of the bathroom sink will keep odors away. Repeat this method once a month to keep your bathroom smelling fresh:

  • Pour 1 cup vinegar into drain, chase with 1 cup baking soda.
  • Plug the drain and fill the sink with hot water.
  • Leave overnight and in the morning let drain. It takes a couple of treatments to effectively remedy the odor.

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