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Keep Grease Out of the Drain

June 17, 2014

We are all guilty of having at one point or another cooked a greasy meal and then used a colander to drain our greasy pots over the sink. Just about everyone who has ever cooked a steak and soaped down a plate is guilty of having rinsed the leftovers and grease down the drain.

Rinsing grease down the drain is a serious problem because meat fat generally solidifies at room temperature. After it is poured down the drain, the grease is likely going to hit a cold area of your piping system and solidify. Over time if you and your neighbours are all pouring grease down your fixtures, your sewer pipe may become completely blocked. This will make the sewage flow back up and come out at the lowest access point in your home.

When sewage backs up and flows into your home, it creates an unsanitary and dangerous situation. The following tips help keep wastewater lines unclogged:

– Pour the cooking grease into cans instead of down the drain. Save an old coffee can and pour excess grease into it. When the can is full, allow it to solidify at room temperature, and then simply throw it in the trash.
– Recover used cooking oil and pour it back into an empty plastic container after it cools down. When the container is full, close the lid and dispose of it in trash.
– Scrape plates and food scraps into the trash, and use a paper towel to capture sauces and drippings that are full of fat and oil.
– Avoid rinsing any sauces or gravy into the drain. Fat and oils can be in just about anything: condiments, salad dressings and gravy.

For more information about how to keep fats oils and grease from becoming a problem for your drain system, contact Mattioni Plumbing today. 610-400-8510