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PA Air Conditioning Spring Cleaning Checklist

PA Air Conditioning Spring Cleaning Checklist

April 19, 2013

It looks like spring is finally here as the weather is staring to warm up, which means Pennsylvania residents should start to think about air conditioning their homes. Everyone knows that with spring of course comes spring cleaning, and Mattioni is here to remind you that part of your spring cleaning checklist should involve your air conditioning system.

Here are a few tips to help you get your home’s air conditioning system ready for warm weather:

1. Call us to have your air conditioning system fully inspected now, before summer begins. We’ll identify any issues and potentially save you money on energy and repair bills by the time the hot weather sets in.

2. Have your air conditioning filters cleaned and replaced if necessary. We can help you choose the right filter, whether fiberglass or HEPA, to suit your needs.

3. Regularly clear the drainage hole at the base of your AC cabinet. You can use a paperclip for this purpose.

4. Clean your de-humidifier by removing its housing and vacuuming it thoroughly. Allow it to dry completely.

With these air conditioning maintenance tips, you’ll be ready for warmer weather before it hits and won’t be stuck trying to get things sorted out at the last minute. Call us to schedule an air conditioning inspection call today!