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PA Plumbing: Don’t Wait to Get Leaks Fixed

PA Plumbing: Don’t Wait to Get Leaks Fixed

March 1, 2013

For many Chester County homeowners a leaky faucet, although annoying, isn’t really a priority to deal with. We are here to let you know that ignoring or putting off getting a leak fixed can lead to serious problems, if not disaster in the future. That’s why we encourage you to always get a leak in your home fixed as soon as possible.

There are different kinds of leaks that bring with them varying levels of inconvenience.

A faucet leak,  if left unattended, wastes an incredible amount of water over the course of a few days, weeks or months. You will definitely notice the difference on your water bill. A leaky faucet can also indicate that its internal parts are old and need to be replaced. This is best done by a professional, since old worn out plumbing is delicate and difficult to work with.

A pipe leak can lead to bigger problems. If water accumulates behind walls or insulation it can cause serious damage, such as mold growth. Water leaks in walls can also weaken you home’s structure and compromise your family’s health and security.

Whenever you see leaks or water accumulation where it shouldn’t be, call Mattioni immediately -this is not something that should be put off. 610-400-8510