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Air Sealing Your Home, The Why and How

July 31, 2020

Service repairman adding a sealing to windows from the outside

Air sealing your home can have various benefits. It can maintain healthy indoor air quality, reduce the burden on your air conditioner and most importantly, save energy. If you want to learn more about why you should air seal your[Read More...]

Benefits of a Mattioni VIP Membership

July 17, 2020

Closeup picture of two people shaking hands in agreement

If you’re a homeowner who is constantly looking for and using professional home maintenance services, we highly recommend taking advantage of membership programs. Many of these programs offer discounts, extended warranties, exclusive services and much more. If you live in[Read More...]

6 Reasons Why You Need a Dehumidifier in Your Home

June 26, 2020

White dehumidifier in front of a window

Dehumidifiers are great appliances that can reduce indoor humidity. However, that isn’t all that they do. Check out this guide by the pros at Mattioni and learn about why you should get a dehumidifier for your home. 1. Helps You[Read More...]

3 Types of Air Conditioners | How to Choose What’s Right for You

June 12, 2020

Two people looking together at a computer in their kitchen

It’s finally happened—your air conditioner is on its last legs and you have decided that you need a new one. There are various brands, manufacturers and HVAC contractors to consider. Plus, you want to know more about the quality of[Read More...]

Why Ductwork Insulation is Important for Your Home

May 15, 2020

Two kids playing with toys in the floor together with their parents on the couch behind them.

The ductwork in your home is an important component of your HVAC system. It transfers air from your unit to your vents and back, providing you the cooling and heating that you need. Many homeowners consider insulating their ductwork, since[Read More...]