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Top Winter Energy Saving Tips

Top Winter Energy Saving Tips

December 23, 2015

Winter is already here, and with it can come high energy bills. You don’t need to resign yourself to this, however. There are things you can do to help keep those bills down this winter. All you need is a tour around the house while implementing the following ideas that will help you save some money without compromising your home’s heating needs.

Fix Worn Out Weather Stripping

Worn out weather stripping is one of the main causes of inflated heating costs during the winter. This is because it creates drafts that let in cold air. Given that between 7 to 15% of heat loss in homes takes place around windows and doors, you should install new caulking around doors and windows to cut down on drafts.

Check on Your Door Threshold

This is the distance between the door’s bottom surface and the floor. If you can see daylight, especially under the front door, then you are losing a lot of warm air which in turn overworks your furnace. Therefore, adjust the threshold such that daylight is barely visible to save energy and thus reduce your energy costs.

Plug Holes in the Exterior Wall

Pipes, electrical cables and gas lines enter the house through holes that have to be dug out specifically for them. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not go back and plug these holes. This results in loss of warm air from the house. These holes need to be properly sealed so that they do not let in any cold air.

Get a Programmable Thermostat

If you still have an old-style thermostat, then you need to get a programmable one this winter. The energy saving benefits of this type of thermostat speak for themselves. When you are not at home or are sleeping, a programmable thermostat minimizes energy consumption and can bring your bill down by up to 10%.

Heat Only the Rooms You Use

This is also a great way of saving energy costs during winter. Heating guest rooms and large storage rooms that are not in use will only dent your wallet. Therefore, close and seal off the vents in those rooms to direct airflow where it is needed.

Saving money on heating during winter is possible, and relatively easy. Go ahead and implement these energy-saving ideas and you will see the difference for yourself. For any heating services you may need this winter, call the experts at Mattioni and book your appointment today.