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Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement

May 23, 2014

Underground sewer repairs used to mean that expensive and destructive excavation work would take place in your home. With the introduction of trenchless sewer repair technology, such extreme measures are no longer required to complete the job.

Trenchless sewer repair eliminates the need for excavation. The technology saves clients thousands of dollars and tons of valuable time, not to mention the headaches associated with landscaping. It is a simple, clean, budget-friendly solution for anyone who doesn’t need a complete sewer line replacement.

Parts of the sewer line often need to be relined due to cracks, holes or separated joints. When there is a small crack, the state-of-the-art trenchless sewer repair method fixes that crack on its own without having to remove the entire system and tear up your yard. In cases where extensive sewer problems have occurred, a complete system replacement and the traditional excavation are required.

At Mattioni Plumbing, we help homeowners get their plumbing fixed for less money and with less mess. For more information about how trenchless sewer repair works, contact us today. 610-400-8510