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Why You Need to Get a Plumbing Inspection Before Purchasing a Home

Why You Need to Get a Plumbing Inspection Before Purchasing a Home

July 3, 2015

There are so many things that go into a buying a new home that it is often hard to keep track of everything. The mortgage, the price, the taxes, the agent, the paperwork, and everything else involved could feel downright daunting. But don’t let all of this make you forget about just how important your home’s plumbing is to the value of the house.

Make sure to get a licensed professional to check everything to make sure it is up to par, or else you could suffer the consequences further on up the road.

What is a Plumbing Inspection?

A plumbing inspection is when a professional comes out to your home and checks to make sure everything is working properly in the house, and there are no signs of any major problems that could cause damage and a hefty bill to the purchaser later on.

Many agents won’t be aware or maybe won’t want to tell you if there are any problems, as this could damage the selling value. When a pro comes to check, they will give you an honest opinion and let you know if your investment is worth it, and what you should have changed before buying.

What Do They Check?

In short? Everything. A plumber doing an inspection will check:

  • Hot water heater – the age, the size, and the condition of the heater should be a major factor in home purchase.
  • Lead pipes – these kinds of pipes can be harmful to the environment and health. They are often found on older homes.
  • Make sure the pipes can withstand the cold – freezing weather can often destroy pipes. They need to be covered in order to make it through.
  • Check the faucets for drips.

…and much more.

So before making a home purchase, it is important that you know everything that comes along with it. The plumbing is one of the most important aspects of a home’s value, so make sure you get it inspected before signing on the dotted line.