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Sewer & Water Line Repairs & Replacement

Professional Sewer & Water Line Services for Chester County

Sewer and water lines aren’t given much thought until a problem arises. Most of us flush a toilet or turn on a bathtub faucet and don’t really think much about where the water travels. But your sewer and water lines support the fundamental inner workings of your home. If you see some warning signs that your sewer and/or water lines are struggling, contact the experts at Mattioni Plumbing, Heating & Cooling to get ahead of an issue.

Sewer & Water Line Installation & Replacement

Sewer Line Installation

Installing a new sewer line from your home to the main sewer line under the street is typically a five-step process and requires a plumber who is well-versed in the local codes and requirements for the installation process to succeed and pass inspection. This five-step sewer line installation process includes:

  • Determining the distance and depth (elevation) of the pipe
  • Calculating the slope for effective drainage
  • Trenching and laying the bedding for the pipe
  • Installing the pipe
  • Backfilling the trench

You can trust the experience and skill of The Mattioni Team to install your new sewer line with precision and attention to detail. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

Sewer Line Replacement

Sewer pipes are built to last, but they won’t last forever. Eventually, they will require replacement. Typically, you can expect the following life spans for your sewer lines based on materials:

  • Clay pipes: 50 to 60 years (no longer installed in new homes)
  • Cast iron pipes: 75 to 100 years
  • PVC pipe: Indefinite unless damaged

However, any of these estimates can change if spontaneous damage occurs from construction, weather, earthquakes, shifting soil, tree roots, corrosion, or poor installation.

Get the peace of mind you need by enlisting the experts to install your new sewer line. Knowing that you have a team that is familiar with the proper steps for an excellent installation makes all the difference. Contact the Mattioni Team to schedule a consultation today!

Main Sewer Line Clogs

If you notice slow drainage, sewage-like odors, gurgling toilets or drains, wastewater backups, or issues with your plumbing fixtures, you may have a main sewer line clog. Various things can cause the main sewer line to clog, such as:

  • Debris
  • Tree roots
  • Shifting soil that changes the slope of your pipe
  • A misaligned main sewer line that permits dirt to enter
  • Broken pipes

If you have noticed any of the signs of a main sewer line clog, contact the Mattioni Team to schedule same-day service for your main sewer line.

Sewer & Water Line Repair Service

Repairs for sewer and water line fixes are made easier with our state-of-the-art equipment that allows us to see inside your pipes with a camera we place in your line. Camera inspections allow us to pinpoint the source of your plumbing problems and repair it without damaging existing structures or property.

Founded in 1948, the Mattioni Team has over 70 years of industry experience and is skilled in trenchless and excavation repair methods. We can give you the same-day service you need when you need it.

Whether you need sewer line installation, replacement, or repair, our NATE-certified technicians will correct your plumbing issues promptly and precisely. Contact the experts at Mattioni Plumbing, Heating & Cooling today to learn more about our upfront pricing and highly reviewed services.