The majority of people enjoy fire places because they are warm and remind us of our childhood. What we do not miss however is the constant tending of the fire, the dirt on the carpet and the cumbersome ash disposal. The perfect solution to hit two birds with one stone is to install gas logs in your home.

Today’s designs of gas logs produce realistic-looking flames. The only difference between a real fire place and that of a gas log is the lack of crackling sounds. Otherwise it will be difficult to distinguish gas log flames from real log flames.

Proper installation is necessary to establish gas log system's safety. After installation, gas logs require regular maintenance to ensure they are working properly. When the flame turns yellow, for example, that indicates a buildup of dirt. Buildup of dirt and soot - as well as obstruction by decorative elements - can cause the release of carbon monoxide, a potentially deadly substance.

Our qualified professionals will inspect the newly gas log system before it is used. They can also clean and inspect a system at the end of winter. We recommend that carbon monoxide detectors should be placed on every level of the home.

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