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Heater & Heating System Maintence in Chester County & the Surrounding Area

Expert Furnace, Boiler & Heat Pump Tune-Ups

It’s understandable if you ignore your heater over time. After all, it’s intended to last at least a decade – maybe more, if you take good care of it. But if you ignore warning signs, you’ll begin to notice some unwanted effects.

Efficiency will drop, meaning your energy bills will go up as your heater tries to compensate for a lack of performance. But maybe you’re willing to deal with that if it means you don’t have to shell out your hard-earned money to pay for preventative maintenance.

We’d caution against neglecting troubling signs for too long, though. If you wait, you run the risk of a more serious problem occurring, which means you won’t have a choice but to pay for a costly repair.

We pride ourselves on offering reliable, trustworthy heater maintenance service with a commitment to honesty and integrity, so give us a call at 610-400-8510 or contact us online to speak with a licensed professional!

Get Your Heating System Inspected by Professionals

You can trust the heating experts at Mattioni to keep your heating system running at peak efficiency. With more than 70 years of experience under our belts, we’ve seen it all, so we can help you determine how to best service your heater. During a heater tune-up, we will conduct a 40-point inspection and cleaning of the system to make sure everything is running the way it should be.

Our team knows what signs to look for, and they’ll use only the best tools and methods to return your unit back to its maximum efficiency. With a reputation for knowledgeable and friendly service, Mattioni is your go-to provider for heater maintenance in Chester County. We service all makes and models of heaters!

Annual heating tune-ups from our team offers plenty of benefits you might not even realize:

  • Higher efficiency, which means better performance
  • Lower energy bills
  • Extends the life of your heater
  • Smaller problems are spotted and corrected well in advance
  • Calibration to ensure maximum operation
  • Expert advice to keep your unit running without a problem
  • And so much more!

What Happens During a Furnace, Boiler, or Heat Pump Tune-Up?

During a tune-up of your furnace, boiler, or heat pump, our trained technicians will inspect each susceptible or major component of your system, clean it of dust and other debris, make adjustments as necessary to minimize wear and tear and maximize efficiency, and calibrate any major components which may have fallen out of calibration since your last tune-up. A few specific tasks you might expect to see our technicians doing include:

  • Cleaning all visible dust outside or inside of your system
  • Checking that all electrical connections are intact and firmly attached
  • Inspecting and testing safety features and controls to ensure proper function
  • Double-checking to make sure normal home maintenance is kept up with, like replacing your air filter

A tune up each year, before you begin using your furnace, boiler, or heat pump heavily is advised, to minimize the risk of failures and maximize efficiency during heavy usage. The cost of repairs during the heaviest time of the year can be higher too, and emergency repairs more likely to be needed, so get ahead of problems and save.

Been a while since your last tune-up? Contact us today either online or by dialing 610-400-8510 to schedule maintenance.

Heating Maintenance Frequently Asked Questions

Should I be doing any home maintenance?

There are a few basic things you can do to keep your HVAC systems running healthy between visits from our team. Make sure air filters get changed regularly if you have any that should be user-serviced, and check the manufacturer’s instructions to see what else you might be able to check monthly on your own.

Does professional maintenance really save money?

There are two areas where professional maintenance might potentially save you a lot of money: keeping your system efficient by correcting the inefficiencies that build up over the course of a year, and identifying and correcting minor problems that could, over a year or longer unserviced, build into a problem that warrants major repairs, causes damage to your home, or requires complete replacement of your system.

Will heating maintenance help with air quality problems?

It depends on what’s causing your indoor air quality issues! A furnace combusting poorly or a boiler leaking and causing mold to grow can certainly reduce the quality of your air, and a maintenance tune-up will identify these issues and move you towards correcting them.