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Gas Line Plumbing Services for Chester County

Choosing to pipe natural gas into your home brings with it the benefits of a fuel source that is clean-burning, affordable, and convenient. But few things are more important than making sure that gas pipes are professionally installed. Whether this is the first gas line you’ve had hooked up to your home or you’re interested in gas line installation for a barbecue or a garage heater, the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of natural gas is hard to beat. When you need gas line plumbing services, enlist the trained professionals at Mattioni Plumbing, Heating & Cooling to handle the job.

Gas line installation is no DIY project. In fact, local codes and regulations require that qualified plumbers be hired to install and service gas piping. Schedule your gas piping services in Chester County, PA, and the surrounding area, by contacting the Mattioni Team today.

Gas Line Installation & Replacement

Gas Line Installation

A gas line connects to the water heater, furnace, and stove and transports natural gas to fuel these appliances. Your local utility company is responsible for supplying gas to your home using an underground pipe system. For any gas line to be installed for your house, garage, or barbecue, a member of our Mattioni Team will first meet with you to discuss the project’s scope before applying for the required permits for the job. After all of the permits are obtained, the equipment will be installed, and we will run a fuel line to your meter. When the install is complete, a city gas inspector will perform an inspection to ensure the installation was completed correctly.

When using natural gas, it is essential to keep your pipes clean, especially if you live in an older neighborhood. Scheduling annual gas pipe maintenance and inspections is vital to keep things working efficiently and safely.

Schedule your gas piping services with a company that has over 70 years of trusted and successful experience in the industry. Contact the Mattioni Team today to schedule gas plumbing services in Chester County.

Gas Line Replacement

Predicting the timeline for gas line replacement is nearly impossible as it all depends on the conditions and quality of your current installation and the materials used. That’s why investing in a quality gas line plumbing company from the get-go is so important. Other factors that can shorten the life span of your gas line include damage from construction, shifting soils, weather, earthquakes, and aging pipes.

You can trust the experience and skill of The Mattioni Team to replace your gas line with precision and attention to detail. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

Gas Line Repair

Malfunctioning gas lines require inspection and diagnosis by the experts. Again, this is no DIY project. Your gas repair needs will vary depending on the nature and the cause of the problem. The most common triggers for gas line repairs are:

  • Faulty installation of gas applications
  • Incorrect gas line hookups
  • Pinched gas line hose
  • Aging gas line pipes that need replacement

Gas line repair done by amateurs can lead to countless problems with your system. It’s a job best left to the professionals at Mattioni Plumbing, Heating & Cooling. Learn more about your home’s gas lines, the risks associated with ignoring the gas line repair, and what to expect with your repair project by contacting the Mattioni Team today.

Signs You Need Emergency Gas Line Service

A broken gas line is a dangerous plumbing problem and requires immediate assistance. Natural gas is highly flammable, and the tiniest friction near a gas leak can ignite a fire. This means smoking, lighting candles, using garage door openers, or even turning the light switches on and off can spark a fire and/or explosion.

If you suspect a leak, step outside of your home, and call a member of our team. Get ahead of emergencies when you can. If any of the following are true, it’s time to get your gas lines inspected:

  • Hissing sounds in the walls or elsewhere
  • Unusual odors (like rotten eggs) in the home
  • Old lines with possible corrosion issues (which could lead to leaks)
  • Deteriorating plant growth above buried gas lines
  • Preparing or finishing new construction

Other signs that you may need a gas line repair or replacement are if you notice spikes in your gas bills or poor furnace performance (typically from declining gas pressure). Even in the early stages of gas line damage, a natural gas leak is dangerous and poses both an inhalation threat and a fire or explosion hazard.

Get the peace of mind you need by enlisting our NATE-certified technicians to inspect your gas line. Knowing that you have a licensed, highly recommended team makes all the difference. Contact the Mattioni Team to schedule a consultation today!