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Top-notch Toilet Service in Chester County

Even though we use toilets several times a day, it often feels like we take them for granted. They’re always right there, doing their job without a problem — until something goes wrong. And when your toilet stops working — whether it’s clogged, sprung a leak or won’t quit running — it always seems like it comes at the worst possible time.

We understand how frustrating that is, which is why at Mattioni, we are proud to offer what we believe is the most comprehensive and thorough toilet repair and replacement service in Chester County. We review all toilets in the home in our plumbing inspection and ensure our technicians are fully trained to fix, repair, or replace any toilet. We also stock many different toilet styles and colors for immediate replacement for your convenience.

Toilet Repair

Toilets break and toilets run. It happens. Did you know that running toilets can cost hundreds of dollars per month if not corrected? Don’t spend a ton of time worrying about how to fix it though, and just leave it in the hands of the professionals you trust. We’ll take a look at your toilet’s problem, figure out what the best course of action is, and then do it.

That’s it. As a family owned and operated company, Mattioni knows how important it is to you and your family to have fully operational toilets. Don’t let a minor issue throw a wrench in your home life — let us take care of it and perform whatever toilet repair you might need.

Toilet Replacement

Sometimes, a problem just can’t be fixed and you’ve got to get a new toilet installed. That process can be mind-numbing and frustrating since you’ve already determined that your current toilet is a lost cause. The stress of going through the steps of getting a new one doesn’t make things any easier.

But when you allow Mattioni to handle toilet replacement or toilet installation, that stress disappears. Our plumbers know what type of toilet would fit best in your bathroom, and we’ll recommend the models that would work best for you and your home. A lot of customers are excited about the new “low flush” toilets that use less water, saving money, while having more flushing power. Call us at 610-400-85100 to find out why!