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Water Conditioning

Effective Water Conditioning Services for Chester County

There are two different ways your home can receive its water supply: public water or well water. Both have their pros and cons, but the Mattioni Team believes it is important for every homeowner to be aware of the quality of their water. Your water could contain minerals that cause your water to have an unpleasant look, taste, or smell and also could affect your dishes, laundry, skin, and hair. Your plumbing systems could also be at risk, which could lead to costly repairs if there are issues with your water.


What to Test Your Water For

  • Hardness: Hard water can pose critical and grievous problems in plumbing systems. Water hardness is capable of producing breakdowns in boilers, water heaters, and other equipment that handles water. Hard water can also leave you with dry skin and damaged hair. In most residential settings, hard water is often indicated by poor soap or detergent performance and mineral buildup on plumbing fixtures.
  • pH Balance: High acidic water can cause plumbing leaks in heating systems, water heaters, water tanks, pipes, and other components of your home plumbing systems. These leaks can lead to very costly damage to your home or your plumbing systems. Corrosive water can also dissolve copper into your drinking water.
  • Iron: Iron in your home’s water can cause stains on your laundry, dishes, and plumbing fixtures such as sinks that are yellow, red, or brown in color. Iron can clog up wells, pumps, and other devices such as dishwashers, which can lead to costly repairs. It also gives a metallic taste to your water and can affect food and beverages
  • Total Dissolved Solids: An elevated level of total dissolved solids can result in your water having a bitter or salty taste. It also results in incrustations, films, or corrosion on fixtures and reduces the efficiency of water filters and your plumbing equipment.

After testing your home’s water, our highly trained technician will be able to inform you of what water conditioning solution will work best for you.

Water Treatment & Conditioning Options

Depending on the results of your water testing, Mattioni Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, Inc. offers a number of water treatment options. You can trust our plumbing team to assist with:

  • Water Softening – If we find hard water, installing a water softener can remove those minerals to help your home enjoy the benefits of soft water. This can protect your clothing, dishes, and even your skin from hard water damage.
  • Water Filtration – Filtration removes contaminants that can make your water taste or smell bad. It gives you cleaner and tastier water every time you get a drink.
  • Water Purification – Water purification goes beyond simple filtration. Using reverse osmosis or distillation techniques, we can help you further purify your water and remove contaminants that put your health and safety at risk.
  • Ultraviolet Filtration – UV water filters do more than just remove particles from the water. They neutralize living organisms, such as viruses and bacteria, to improve the health and safety of your water.

Keep your family protected with water treatment and conditioning options from Mattioni Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, Inc. Contact us now to talk to a licensed plumber about your water quality concerns.

Water Conditioning FAQs

Is my tap water safe?

Even though cities do their best to filter and clean tap water, many homes have dangerous chemicals and contaminants in their tap water. Iron, bacteria, high chlorine levels, and even cancer-causing chemicals are all found in tap water. That’s why water filtration and conditioning is so important.

What are the dangers of hard water?

Hard water can damage dishes and clothing, leaving behind mineral residue that makes it harder to enjoy your belongings. It can also leave your skin feeling dry and flaky. When you have hard water, you have to use more soap and shampoo to get yourself clean.

How can I better purify the water in my home?

The five primary methods of water purification include boiling, chlorination, filtration, distillation, and reverse osmosis. Distillation and reverse osmosis are the most effective, and filtration, especially UV filtration, is also helpful.

Mattioni’s expertise and trusted service have been a mainstay in Chester County for more than 70 years. Call us at 610-400-85100 to speak with a team member who can help you figure out what water conditioning solution works best for you!