Heating season is fast approaching in Pennsylvania, and in preparation for this Mattioni offers a professional heating inspection service. This is a completely thorough, 40-point process that identifies any issues that may come up including:

• Identification and removal of hazardous chemicals and debris
• Cleaning of air ducts and filters
• Checking of proper function of thermostats
• Check furnace components (blowers, fans, belts, piping)

We strongly recommend that any customers interested in this inspection get a service agreement with us. The benefits of this contract are summarized below:

• 15% Discount on over time service fee (no matter what time of day or night it is receive 15% off OT service fee and pay regular service rates).

• Priority customer status (moved ahead of Non-Maintenance customers).

• Factory Extended Parts & Labor Warranty (all repairs will carry a labor warranty to match the factory warranty as long as the customer maintains a paid-up maintenance agreement – excludes compressors and heat exchangers).

• Lower operating costs (well-