Bathroom remodelling ranks high on the list of household makeovers. That is because a remodeled bathroom can return as much as eighty percent of its cost if the home is put up for sale.

The key to a successful bathroom makeover-or any other home improvement is planning.
Set a budget and determine your priorities, this will help you decide how much you can afford and what you actually want to spend on your renovation.

If your budget is limited, you can always pursue a smaller scale renovation project. If the sink, tub, and toilet still look presentable and have no scratches or chips, you will be able to get the renovated look you are seeking by incorporating modest changes such as new tiles, fresh paint or wallpaper, or a cabinet or vanity.

An extensive bathroom makeover will involve moving the water or electrical lines and other tasks that require professional expertise. Mattioni Plumbing can make the work proceed much less stressfully. By hiring Mattioni Plumbing as your general contractor you can eliminate many of the headaches of managing the job.

We have various bathroom fixtures and remodelling suggestions in our showroom that can turn your bathroom area into a complete spa. If you are thinking of remodeling your bathroom, contact us to schedule an appointment. 610-400-8510