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Thermostat Services in Chester County & the Surrounding Area

Thermostat Solutions in Chester County

The thermostat is the control center of your heating and air conditioning systems. It determines the temperature in your home, and it tells your air system precisely what to do. With the right thermostat, your home’s heating and cooling situation becomes more manageable and comfortable. Some thermostats are programmable, meaning you can schedule certain temperatures for specific times. Mattioni services all types of thermostats, and we can even help you upgrade to models that give you more control and help save money – like programmable thermostats! You can even change it using your cellphone!

Smart & Wi-Fi Thermostats for Homeowners in Chester County

High-tech smart thermostats make controlling your home comfort, from anywhere, easy. Digital thermostats are programmable and can control each room’s temperature separately if your home has a zoned HVAC system. Some thermostats, including Nest thermostats and Honeywell thermostats, even communicate with you by voice. You get alerts for thermostat and HVAC maintenance, air filter changes, and more.

Enjoy the convenience of a Wi-Fi-controlled smart thermostat! Contact us to compare options and schedule smart thermostat installation online.

Programmable Thermostat Installation & Replacement in Chester County

Homes with programmable thermostats can save a significant amount of money on air conditioning and heating bills every month. That’s because programmable thermostats let you pre-set a schedule with your desired temperature for each period of time; for instance when you’re home, out, or sleeping. If you need thermostat replacement, we offer multiple options.

Make sure your thermostat is installed safely and correctly by a friendly and skilled Mattioni technician. Contact us online or call 610-400-8510 now.

Professional and Expert Services

At Mattioni Plumbing, Heating & Cooling, we understand that malfunctions rarely happen at a convenient time – not only for your personal life but also financially.

When you call us, our friendly customer service representatives will send out our highly trained technicians in fully equipped service vans to you. When our service professional arrives at your home, they will assess the situation.

No matter what you want out of a thermostat, Mattioni can work with you to figure out the right answer! For the best heating and air conditioning services in Chester County, look no further. Mattioni is here to help with whatever problems or concerns you may have, and we’d love to speak with you.

Call today at 610-400-8510 for more information! We offer free estimates for ductless mini-splits!

Thermostat FAQs

Here are a few tips on how to handle common thermostat problems. If these simple DIY steps don’t work — just call and our HVAC technicians will be right over!

My thermostat’s digital display has suddenly gone blank — what can I do?

Try changing out the batteries for fresh ones. Check your AC/Heating switch setting, turning it from heat to cool and back again. Also, try flipping the circuit breaker in your electrical panel to OFF then ON again. Do a thermostat re-set by repeatedly turning the switch from OFF to Heat.

I just changed batteries; now why won’t the thermostat work?

Verify that you’ve inserted the batteries properly, so the + and – ends of the batteries match the guide printed (or embossed) onto the thermostat’s battery receptacle. Look for a tripped circuit breaker and switch the power back on if necessary.

My thermostat didn’t start working again after a power outage. How do I fix the dead thermostat?

Try repeatedly switching from Fan to Electric. This may kick it into gear!

My AC, furnace, or fan keeps running continuously — what can I do?

Change the setting to AUTO so the fan will run only when it’s needed to reach your desired, pre-set heating and cooling (room temperature) settings. (When the fan is set to the ON setting, it will run constantly.)

Contact the HVAC specialists at Mattioni for thermostat repair or new thermostat installation. Reach us online or call 610-400-8510 now.