80 Gallon Electrics are no longer available in the United States. Get your new water heater now before supplies run out!


Federal Regulation has STOPPED the production of 80 Gallon Electric Water Heaters

Future replacements will require increased pricing and possible renovation.

On April 16th 2015, new government standards for hot water tank efficiency went into effect.

This means that your standard 80 gallon electric water heater MUST be upgraded to a heat pump water heater.

Don’t get a heat pump water heater just yet!

  • Keep your upfront cost low by simply replacing your current 80 electric with a standard model. You don’t have to get an expensive heat pump water heater right away.
  • We have a limited inventory of standard 80 gallon hot water heaters available, but they are going quickly!
  • Replace your current model with a brand new one, saving you a costly upgrade to a heat pump water heater.

To help make your replacement as easy as possible, we offer financing options through Wells Fargo.

Don’t delay, book today... Here today, gone tomorrow!

Heat Pump Water Heaters Mean More Up-Front product and installation cost

Heat pump water heaters potentially entail relocation of the unit in your home, which can mean carpentry work and re-piping.
You might need to install an extra condensate line to a sump pump or condensate pump with a heat pump water heater.
New heat pump water heaters are more expensive, noisier and bring unique concerns such as cooler homes and increased make up air requirements.
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